Draft 2018 budget adjustments released

Today, The City of Calgary shared its draft 2018 budget adjustments with Council and Calgarians. Click here to read through the proposal yourself. Unlike other orders of government, the... Read More

City of Calgary retains AA credit rating

Thanks to prudent and smart management at The City of Calgary, DBRS Limited has reaffirmed the Issuer Rating and Long-Term Debt rating of The City of Calgary at AA (high), and the Commercial Paper ... Read More

Council sets 2018 indicative tax rate

Council has approved an indicative tax rate of 0 to 2% for 2018. This range of property tax rate increases will help City staff prepare options for adjustments to 2018 business plans and bud... Read More


Following a meeting of City Council, Mayor Nenshi met with journalists to explain and discuss Council's decision to refund the provincial tax room for 2017 (resulting in a small tax decrease for ... Read More

Mayor Nenshi on the federal budget

Mayor Nenshi responds to the new federal budget released on March 22, 2017. it includes some significant funding for cities (specifically affordable housing and transit). Read More

City saves $325 million through smart management

Since 2015, Administration has achieved $325 million in savings through efficiencies and reductions. Through these savings, Administration provided Calgarians with an additional $228 ... Read More