Getting campaign finance reform right

Following a meeting of the Intergovernmental Affairs Committee of Council, Mayor Nenshi spoke with reporters about the importance of campaign finance reform in the context of proposed changes and... Read More

Mayor Nenshi on the importance of smart growth

Prior to a discussion in City Council about the New Community Growth Strategy (held on June 28, 2018), Mayor Nenshi spoke about smart growth that preserves quality of life and lower taxes for Cal... Read More

Mayor Nenshi proclaims Aboriginal Awareness Week

On Monday, June 18, Mayor Nenshi joined with elders, traditional knowledge keepers, City Council colleagues, and many other VIPs to proclaim Aboriginal Awareness Week and kick off festivities. Yo... Read More

Five years on, Mayor Nenshi reflects on the floods of 2013

It’s 2 in the morning. It’s dark. The electricity has been turned off as a precaution. All I can hear is one thing, and it scares me. I’m standing on the north bank of the Bow R... Read More

Mayor Nenshi speaks with journalists: July 11, 2018

During a break in a meeting of City Council, Mayor Nenshi spoke with reporters about a confidential whistleblower report from 2014 and the changes that have been made since that time to make Coun... Read More

City of Calgary maintains high credit rating from DBRS

On June 11, 2018, DBRS announced that it will continue to give The City of Calgary a high issuer rating and long-term debt rating. "This is really good news," said Mayor Nen... Read More