Committee News in Brief - Sept. 22, 2015

Priorities and Finance Committee 2015 Mid-Year Accountability Report The Committee recommended that Council receive the 2015 Mid-Year Accountability Report and Realignment of Functio... Read More

Calgary Transit launches Customer Commitment

Today, Mayor Nenshi joined with Calgary Transit employees and Director Doug Morgan to launch the Customer Commitment. Long a priority for Mayor Nenshi, the customer commitment is a data-driven ap... Read More

Mayor Nenshi speaks with media about zero-based review for Calgary Fire

Mayor Nenshi meets with the media at a break during a Priorities and Finance committee meeting about a zero-based budget review of the Calgary Fire department.  Read More

Committee News in Brief - Sept. 18, 2015

Utilities and Corporate Services Committee Industrial, Commercial and Institutional recycling strategy: Bylaw amendmentCommittee recommended that Council accept changes to the Waste an... Read More

Mayor Nenshi on the key city issues in this Federal Election

On Wednesday, September 16, Mayor Nenshi used a new communication tool today to remotely speak to a seminar on municipal issues in this federal election. The Facebook Live tool allowed him ... Read More

Council News in Brief - Sept. 14-15, 2015

Combined Meeting of Council and Public Hearing Two time-sensitive items of urgent business were reviewed and approved by Council: Sliding Scale Proposal for City of Calgary Subsidy Progr... Read More