1,230,915 Calgarians - 3rd largest growth year in city's history

Today, Mayor Nenshi released the 2015 Calgary census results. Even though last year was a record year of growth for our city, April '14-April '15 was the third largest population increase... Read More

Mayor Nenshi meets with media - July 29, 2015

Following his presentation of the 2015 Calgary census results,  Mayor Nenshi answered media questions on a variety of topics including: pedestrian safety the provinc... Read More

Council News in Brief - July 27, 2015

Regular Meeting of Council Paskapoo Slopes AmendmentsCouncil approved a series of amendments to the Paskapoo Slopes development and gave second and third readings to the byla... Read More

Taxi bill of rights for Calgarians

  Recent incidents in Calgary taxis have got Calgarians, including Mayor Nenshi, talking about the rights of passengers and drivers in cabs. The following is cross-posted from Cal... Read More

Mayor Nenshi Meets with media - July 27, 2015

During the lunch break of the July 27, 2015 meeting of City Council, Mayor Nenshi met with media on the following topics: Amendments to the approved Paskapoo Slopes development ... Read More

Building Green Line LRT ASAP with new federal investment

In a historic move, the federal government has announced 1.5 billion dollars from the Public Transit Fund will be awarded to the Green Line project. This is the single largest infrastructure inve... Read More