Disclosure: real estate and financial holdings

As part of Mayor Nenshi's agenda to increase transparency at City Hall, City Council has adopted a new policy requiring Council members to disclose real estate and financial holdings. You can read ... Read More

Interview: Mayor Nenshi and Celine Galipeau

On Wednesday, February 25, 2015, Mayor Nenshi met with Radio-Canada's Celine Galipeau for a bilingual interview covering his approach to politics and public service. Here is the full interview as i... Read More

Saddened at the passing of Martha Cohen

I was deeply saddened to learn today that Calgary lost one of our greatest community builders, Martha Cohen.Martha was a true community visionary and dedicated so much of her life to making Calgary... Read More

Council News in Brief - Feb. 23, 2015

Council News in Brief - PilotRegular Meeting of CouncilFebruary 23, 2015 Family and Community Support Services (FCSS) Funding Recommendations (item 6.1)Council approved the 2015-2017 Family & C... Read More

Media scrum on public art funding proposal

Following the Mayor's Lunch for Arts Champions, Mayor Nenshi met with the media to answer questions about a proposal to suspend and reallocate public arts funding. This notice of motion will be dis... Read More

Committee news in brief - Feb. 17, 2015

Council News in Brief - PilotPriorities & Finance Committee Meeting 2015 February 17Status of Outstanding Motions and Directions, (Item 3.1) The Priorities and Finance Committee received the S... Read More