Mayor Nenshi on protests outside City Hall

What makes this country work is the fact we can live together and disagree on things respectfully. People must be allowed the freedom of expression, but there is no place in our community for viole... Read More

Mayor's Office meeting register: April - June 2014

Since Mayor Naheed Nenshi was first elected, he has published monthly lists of meetings he's taken in his office. This was a voluntary action in the absence of a formal policy. In July 2013, at his... Read More

Mayor Nenshi's gift disclosure: January - June 2014

In 2013, Mayor Nenshi and Council agreed to a new ethics policy that includes the disclosure of gifts and benefits to members of Council (including event tickets and hosting given to their staff).S... Read More

Moving forward: more than a year after the 2013 flood

High water season in Calgary ends tomorrow (July 15). As Mayor Nenshi explains, throughout the past several months The City worked diligently to manage and prepare for short-term risk while simulta... Read More

Happy Stampede!

Happy Stampede!Just finished one of my favourite parts of being mayor: riding a horse in the Stampede Parade. Here's my annual picture from atop Garfield (he's been my trusty steed for the last fou... Read More