Is this Calgary's future transit network?

On September 17, the team behind RouteAhead (Calgary Transit's 30-year plan) presented a public update to City Council and it included this draft map of our future rapid transit network. This ... Read More

Mayor Nenshi on what makes Calgary awesome

In early September, Mayor Nenshi sat down with Calgary is Awesome to chat about, well, why Calgary is awesome. In a just a short time, the interview covered a wide range of topics from the importan... Read More

Drawn off topic: Mayor Nenshi and the death of cash

Globe and Mail illustrator and journalist Anthony Jenkins interviewed Mayor Nenshi earlier in 2012 on the non-municipal issue of "the death of cash". The result is some amusing musing about the&nbs... Read More

Sadness at the passing of Peter Lougheed

I, like every Albertan of my generation, am a Lougheed baby. I was born the year after he was first elected, and I have never known an Alberta or a Canada that did not benefit from his legacy. We o... Read More

Mayor Nenshi on the Canadian Infrastructure Report Card

Today, the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FMC) released the Canadian Infrastructure Report Card. The report can be found here.Below is a statement from Mayor Nenshi about that report a... Read More

Interview: Mayor Nenshi and the coming year

 As the autumn 2012 legislative season fires up, Mayor Nenshi visited CBC Radio to speak with David Grey about the Mayor's priorities for the final year of his current term. Here's the full in... Read More