Improving taxi service: A statement from Mayor Nenshi

 It’s no secret in Calgary: taxi service in our city must get better. While we generally have a safe and reliable system, we've heard from Calgarians time and time again that our tax... Read More

Give Calgary a 20-Minute Makeover!

If you've ever joined in a group-cleaning of an area (maybe you've joined the annual pathway cleanup) you've likely experienced how fast it can be to make our public spaces litter-free.So, let's gi... Read More

Mayor Nenshi Reads: But Not the Hippopotamus

As we get closer to the Calgary International Children's Festival (May 22-26), Mayor Nenshi is demonstrating a bit of simple fun you can have with reading. But Not the Hippopotamus by Sandra B... Read More

The Ogden Road fire: Reason to be proud

Late last night, Calgary Fire Department crews successfully extinguished the long-smouldering fire at Calgary Metal Recycling. While clean-up efforts will continue for several days, Ogden Road has... Read More

Calgary's Food Truck Summer - Pilot Update

Calgary’s tastiest pilot project is now into its final phase: the summer of food trucks!Less than a year ago, Mayor Nenshi, his team, and some entrepreneurs mused about cutting red tape to bring st... Read More

Mayor Nenshi's Meetings: April 2012

Below is a list of external meetings hosted by the Mayor during the month of April 2012.For an explanation of why this list exists and who's on it, please visit our post about highlighting accounta... Read More