Mayor Nenshi's approval rating highest in Canada

In a national Global News and Ipsos poll released yesterday, Mayor Nenshi has the highest approval rating of any major city mayor in Canada. At 86 per cent, Mayor Nenshi's approval is 14 per cent a... Read More

Transparency leads to better communities

It's Right to Know Week in Canada. This article appeared on The City of Calgary's webpage celebrating this important week.When did governments become movie-quality bad guys? I believe this stems fr... Read More

Politics should be about the best ideas, not the most money

Friends,we need to make major changes to the way we fund our city elections. In thelast ten years, we’ve had our fair share of million-dollar-campaigns that oftensqueeze out the good ideas and good... Read More

Telling the Calgary story: Mayor Nenshi on tour

It's not exactly glamorous, but Mayor Nenshi is on an eastern tour to tell the Calgary story to business people, new grads, university faculty, and the media. Much of that trip is with Calgary Econ... Read More

New steps for better Calgary Transit

Today, Mayor Naheed Nenshi and Calgary Transit Director Fred Wong met with reporters to announce steps that will make for a better Calgary Transit: Calgary Transit and the Mayor hav... Read More

Naheed Nenshi: un visionnaire à Calgary

Earlier this year, Mayor Nenshi sat down with journalist Isabelle Gregoire from the current events (the French-language Canadian news magazine) for an interview in English (and some French) ... Read More