Airport Trail Tunnel a go!

The Calgary Airport Authority Board confirmed today that it accepted Calgary City Council’s final proposal to build an underpass on YYC land under the new airport runway.I am delighted that the Air... Read More

Sealing the airport deal is vital to Calgary

I write a monthly column in the Calgary Sun. Here's an excerpt from my May story:Late on Friday, city council authorized one last offer to the Calgary Airport Authority to build the airport tunnel.... Read More

Downtown-Airport Bus Takes Flight

Starting soon, you'll be able to take an express Calgary Transit bus from downtown to the Calgary International Airport!On Monday night, Council approved my Innovation Fund request to conduct a six... Read More

Helping our friends in Slave Lake

Photo courtesy CAN-TF2In the past 24 hours, we've heard the sad news about the developing situation in Slave Lake. My heart goes out to everyone affected by the devastating fire that has touched th... Read More

Paying for growth--Council decides to up development levies

Today, City Council agreed that we cannot continue passing a massive debt on to our children and grandchildren. I am very happy that we decided to begin addressing the cost of growth in our city by... Read More

Better idea achieved: Council videos are now live!

"We should increase the accessibility of City Council webcasts. While webcasts are currently available for all Council meetings, these can only be viewed live. We can create a webcast archive which... Read More