On May 2, please vote!

I've been asked a lot about the federal election lately. While I have a few opinions about the important issues in this campaign, such as citiesand public transit, the most important thing is tha... Read More

Well done, Southland Leisure Centre lifeguards!

Yesterday, a team of lifeguards at the Southland Leisure Centre saved a young boy from drowning. When the boy didn't come up for air, the lifeguards jumped into action to get him out of the po... Read More

Mayor Nenshi talks public art

The other day, Mayor Nenshi discussed the importance of great public art to create a great city.You're welcome to learn more about Calgary's Public Art Program including the opportunities for artis... Read More

Mayor Nenshi meets with federal leaders

It's federal election time! In the past few weeks, Mayor Nenshi has been a strong promoter of cities. Canada's cities are the home to 80 per cent of the population and municipal issues must be on t... Read More

The $10 Billion Gap

Over the past few weeks, I've been talking about money and how we actually pay for the services and projects Calgarians want and need. Recently, Dr. Jack Mintz, Palmer Chair in Public Policy and pr... Read More

Public transit must be an election issue

UPDATE: I joined with mayors from across the country to launch the #CutMyCommute campaign today. The cost in time and money because of ridiculous commutes is another reason why we need to be talkin... Read More