3 Things for Calgary (What are yours?)

Today, Mayor Nenshi joined with community activist Dave Meslin and hundreds of Calgarians to officially launch the 3 Things for Calgary movement.So what is it? Essentially, it's a challenge to all ... Read More

A Better Calgary in Progress

[Today, I released a document called A Better Calgary in Progress providing an update on all of my 12 campaign promises--Better Ideas--from one year ago. You can download the full PDF document here... Read More

After one year as mayor, I'm still excited

I write a monthly column in the Calgary Herald. Here is the full text of my October story:A year ago today, I had a pretty big day — morning news shows and afternoon call-ins, visits to seniors hom... Read More

Calgary's neighbourhoods are great, but we can make them better

In addition to my regular monthly column in the Calgary Herald, I've written the introductory column for the newspaper's special series called Project Calgary: Making our neighbourhoods better. Her... Read More

Media statement: Mayor Nenshi on the 10th Street NW bike lane pilot project

There’s much discussion about the newly-created 10th Street NW bike lane pilot project that started this week. Clearly, this surprise project has led to confusion and frustration for many, inc... Read More

Mayor Nenshi's meetings: September 2011

As part of Mayor Nenshi's commitment to accountability, below is a list of external meetings hosted by the Mayor during the month of September 2011. For an explanation of why this list exists and w... Read More