Mayor Nenshi speaks with journalists: May 16, 2018

Mayor Nenshi meets with journalists three times over the course of a strategic meeting of City Council. Topics of discussion include how we pay for public transit, the low income transit ... Read More

Building a better economy for all Calgarians

"Building a better economy for the benefit of all Calgarians is a priority for me and your City Council. Our economic development vision--to be Canada's city of choice for the world's... Read More

Sadness over the passing of Frank King

I was deeply saddened to hear about the passing of Frank King. Modern Calgary bears many of Frank’s fingerprints. His passion and selfless commitment to our city and Calgarians resulted in the ... Read More

Live Q&A with Mayor Nenshi

Welcome to the our very first live Q&A with Mayor Naheed Nenshi--an hour of "ask me anything" with Mayor Nenshi and host Zain Velji. We covered a lot of ground! From the Green Line to chicken... Read More

Mayor Nenshi speaks with journalists: Apr. 23, 2018

During a break in a meeting of City Council, Mayor Nenshi met with journalists to discuss Council's approval of an engagement plan and plebiscite (in principal) for a potential Winter Olympics an... Read More

Mayor Nenshi's thoughts on the Toronto attack

"We're still learning about the tragic events in Toronto, and it's heartbreaking. "Toronto is the city of my birth... it's the city of my twenties. I know the street where this happened... Read More